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Construction & Rehabilitation

PNR RailWorks is a complete resource for outsourcing large and small rail construction and rehabilitation projects anywhere Canada. As the nation's largest and most experienced railroad contractor, PNR RailWorks has successfully completed thousands of projects, often in conjunction with live rail operations, for a broad range of clients:

  • Class I, short line and regional railroads
  • Industries served by rail
  • Transit and light rail systems

We offer a full range of construction management and materials solutions to complete projects turnkey, serving as a general contractor or a subcontractor. PNR RailWorks will coordinate with our clients and other contractors to efficiently complete these services:

  • New track construction
  • Track take-up and rehabilitation
  • Mechanized rail, surfacing and tie production
  • Panelized turnout and crossover construction and installation
  • Grade crossing and warning device installation
  • Specialty rail installation, such as crane rails and historic sites
  • Track construction equipment and materials
  • Emergency repairs and derailment response

Contact PNR RailWorks today for more information or to request a project quote.