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Safety, Health and the Environment

Safety, Health and the Environment

RailWorks SmartPNR RailWorks’ business practices reflect our commitment to protecting the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and the general public as well as our natural environment. This commitment means we will comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards and make use of appropriate best practices.

Our employees and others who share our jobsites can be assured we will provide sufficient resources, training, equipment and controls to foster a safe working environment and seek opportunities to conserve and reuse resources and prevent pollution.

PNR RailWorks believes every employee has a right and an obligation to be safe and to make sure others are safe as well. We train our employees to understand this right and obligation. Our Employee Handbook, which must be read and acknowledged by every employee, also emphasizes this expectation.

At PNR RailWorks, we understand that working safely goes hand in hand with working in a smart manner to satisfy our clients and successfully complete our projects.  PNR RailWorks has a safety culture that’s not only reducing injuries and incidents but also is generating increased productivity, better work quality and high employee retention rates.

Review highlights of our safety management practices and initiatives.