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Metrolinx' Uxbridge Subdivision

PNR RailWorks provided Metrolinx with new signaling technology and expanded track capacity in a centralized traffic control project on its Uxbridge Subdivision in Toronto, Ontario.
Project Highlights 
  • Installed five new switches and a double crossover
  • Installed 32 miles of CTC system
  • Upgraded active crossing warning systems on 32 at-grade road crossings
Scarborough, Ontario
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

One of Toronto’s busiest commuter rail arteries is equipped with new, safer signaling technology along with expanded track capacity necessary to add more trains to handle the growing number of riders. 

Project Scope 

PNR RailWorks combined forces from its Signals & Communications (S&C) and Track divisions to perform this centralized traffic control (CTC) project on Metrolinx’ Uxbridge Subdivison. The implementation of CTC on the 22-mile subdivision – between Scarborough and Lincolnville/Stouffville – improved this vital link connecting downtown Toronto and its northeastern suburbs.
Completed over 10 months, the CTC project gave Metrolinx’ Rail Traffic Control (RTC) the ability to move from single direction trains during a.m. and p.m. rush hours to bi-directional trains with meets in the middle so trains can pass each other.  The improvements ultimately will result in safeguards that will make commuter rail travel safer and provide more service options.
The Track division rehabilitated and extended an existing passing track in the subdivision. This work, completed in February 2012, included installing five new single switches, a double crossover and insulated joints, removing two switches, and performing numerous thermite welds.
The Signals & Communication division installed 32 miles of CTC system – comprised of four control points, 12 intermediate signalsand three repeater locations – and upgraded the active crossing warning systems on 32 at-grade road crossings.
With planning and prep work done during the week, all of the cutovers to completed portions of the line were performed during weekend outages. The size of the project, as well as the volume of crossings, created several “super” outage weekends.
The CTC upgrades on the Uxbridge Subdivision enable Metrolinx to prepare for Toronto's growth, as the city is set to surpass Chicago as the fourth-most-populous city in North America.