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Calgary LRT Extensions

PNR RailWorks constructed 7.8 km of track and installed special track work and crossings for Calgary Transit’s Northeast and Northwest LRT line extensions.
Project Highlights 
  • Constructed 7.8-km extension of ballasted track
  • Installed 10 turnouts and two diamond crossovers
  • Constructed four direct-fixation #8 turnouts
Calgary, Alberta
City of Calgary
Business Unit 
PNR RailWorks
Project Description 

PNR RailWorks constructed 7.8 km of track for Calgary’s NE and NW LRT extensions.  The project also included installing special trackwork and crossings.

Project Scope 

To construct the primary track structure, PNR RailWorks installed ballasted track on concrete ties using 100-lb. rail. Crews constructed CWR strings on site and field-welded during de-stressing. The design engineer required a unique, top-down construction for the direct-fixation track. The special track work was constructed and suspended in its final position, then rebar was placed for the structural slab beneath, and the concrete slab was then poured. Icosit® pads were poured under the plates for the special track work to complete the construction.
The two extensions were comprised of the following work:

NE Line – Extended to McKnight/Westwinds

  • Constructed, ballasted and surfaced 4 km of double track (100-lb.rail and concrete ties), and two roadway and one pedestrian crossing
  • Constructed, ballasted and surfaced 1 diamond crossover and six #8 turnouts on concrete ties
  • Constructed  4 #8 turnouts in direct-fixation track
  • Installed 10 switch heaters in both ballast and direct-fixation track
  • Installed station bracing at platform location

NW Line – Extended to Crowfoot

  • Constructed, ballasted and surfaced 3.8 km of double track (100-lb. rail and concrete ties) and two maintenance crossings
  • Constructed, ballasted and surfaced one diamond crossover and four #8 turnouts on concrete ties
  • Installed four switch heaters in ballasted track
  • Installed station bracing at platform location
Unique Features 

Both extensions were built in the middle of an existing transportation corridor with traffic on both sides of the LRT right-of-way. Both extensions required closing and rerouting traffic. PNR RailWorks worked closely with civil and signals contractors to maintain access to the sites and to ensure all project timelines were met.