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Transit Projects

PNR RailWorks constructed three diamond crossovers and six switches in a tunnel as part of the Edmonton North Light Rail Extension.

PNR RailWorks performed a $10 million infrastructure upgrade at Via Rail Canada’s Alexandria Subdivision.

The PNR RailWorks’ Transit team replaced feeder gas lines at Union Station in Toronto, Ontario.

PNR RailWorks constructed three new storage tracks including power and propulsion systems for Translink’s SkyTrain in metropolitan Vancouver, British Columbia.

The 19.2-km Canada Line, the third light-rail line in Vancouver’s transit system, opened in August of 2009 and connects Vancouver International Airport with downtown Vancouver and Richmond. PNR RailWorks constructed the track infrastructure in and around the maintenance facility, featuring ballasted and embedded direct-fixation track.

PNR RailWorks served as principal contractor for this $6.5 million project for the Oliver Bowen LRT Maintenance Facility (OBMF) located in Northeast Calgary.  Crews constructed, ballasted and surfaced rail and also installed embedded and direct-fixation track in and around the facility, which was constructed for Calgary Transit to inspect, maintain, service, store and dispatch 60 light-rail vehicles.

PNR RailWorks constructed 7.8 km of track for Calgary’s NE and NW LRT extensions.  The project also included installing special trackwork and crossings.

PNR RailWorks constructed this 20-kilometer light rail line, the second line in the SkyTrain system, in 2000 and its extension in 2006. The Millennium Line, an expansion to Vancouver’s SkyTrain rapid transit system, begins in New Westminster and extends west to near Vancouver Community College.

PNR RailWorks served as the general contractor to construct a commuter extension on GO Transit’s Bradford to Barrie line in Ontario.

The Edmonton Transit System added a $675 million, 7.8 km LRT extension to in the southern portion of the metro area. PNR RailWorks performed both track construction and signal work on the project.